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“Huge thank you for designing this course and for such great prompts and questions.
For me it’s gone bigger than just email coaching.
It has allowed me to feel free and unconstrained in my thinking and boosted my confidence.”

~ Kate

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danielle raine email coaching expert


Email Coaching Expert

Hi, I’m Danielle.

I’m a passionate advocate for the Email Coaching format, especially for purpose-driven creatives, writers, and introverts. 

I created The Joy of Email Coaching to spread the word about this fabulously flexible and freedom-friendly coaching modality. 

For those who feel called to offer this service, and enjoy all its lovely life-enhancing benefits, I’ve created a short Beginner’s Guide, sharing all I’ve learned since I began my Email Coaching business in 2014. 

You can help yourself to a free sample lesson from the course using the form above. 

I can’t wait to share with you this secret to success – it’s one of the most beloved lessons in the entire programme. 

I guarantee you will love it. 


as seen in Nov 2023

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