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Mindset Tool: The Cycle of Progress

In this free sample extract from my Email Coaching Business online course, I’m sharing a simple step-by-step framework that can help you to stay clear, aligned and on track, so that you can begin to build momentum and enjoy more progress. 

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Getting started with your Email Coaching Business

In essence, setting up an email coaching offering is very simple – you just begin with the practical steps that I’ll be sharing with you.

But in the interests of actually taking the actions you need to take to bring your new venture to life, you’ll also need to manage the potential obstacles that can come up, sometimes in the form of resistance, doubt, procrastination, hiccups and difficulties etc…

To pre-empt these potential stumbling blocks, I’ve mapped out the five steps or phases that I feel are key to not just knowing what to do, but giving yourself the best chances of actually doing what you know to do, so that you can begin to see real results.

So, before we dive into the nuts-&-bolts practicalities, I’d love to share with you my recommended action plan for bringing to life your email coaching business (or any creative project), with as much ease, flow, productivity and success as possible.

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The Cycle of Progress

So, here’s my simple step-by-step framework for enjoying momentum and inspiring results;

1. Just begin. Take the easiest and most fun practical step you know to take.
(I’ve created a mindmap and exercise to help you with this step – though this is actually the easy bit!)

2. Keep going.

3. Cultivate the mindset, energy, lifestyle and wellbeing that support Step 2.

4. Notice and celebrate the mini wins.

5. Review and refine continually at regular intervals.

Any successful endeavour is simply this cycle repeated over and over again until you achieve the end result.

Though some steps may seem optional, eg the celebrating, reviewing, cultivating the right conditions etc, these are the steps that will make a world of difference to your results, your enjoyment of the process, and the person you become along the way.

(Building a new business is fantastic for Personal Development!)

So, in its simplest form, that’s all you need to do.

You can rest assured that I’ll be supporting you with all of these steps throughout the programme and beyond, but I’d love for you to have this simple list that you can check back in with at any time during the process of creating your new business offering.

Anytime you feel stuck…

Anytime you’re wondering what to do next…

Anytime you start to wonder whether this is really the right thing for you…

I invite you to review the list above, see where you are in the process, or what you feel you most need to do, and then follow the guidance for that next step.

You might find what you need is the next practical task on your list, or you might feel that you need a bit of a breather – which is the perfect time to review your progress or celebrate any mini-wins.

You might simply need a reminder to just keep going!

This can be one of the most challenging aspects of any creative endeavour, so take heart if you find it difficult, and maybe revisit your Day 1 notes to remind yourself of the benefits and reasons why you are perfect for this project and why now is the time.

Or you may need to give some thought to what you need in order to keep going – maybe it’s inspiration or support, or maybe it’s a walk in nature or a dose of self care.

Tune into what you feel you need, then give some thought to how you can cultivate that.

These self-coaching skills will not only assist you in moving your project forward, they’ll also make you a better coach, as you’ll become experienced in facing challenges and consciously navigating your way through them.

And remember I am here to help!

So please do take advantage of what I’ve learned in facing these challenges, both the internal stumbling blocks and the real world practicalities.

And in the spirit of the latter, let’s dive into our main focus for today…

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Potential steps for getting started with your new email coaching offering

Now for the first phase of nuts-&-bolts guidance for how to offer email coaching.

As I mentioned, this information is not complicated, and I share a range of potential steps for getting started in a special mind map included in your Course Materials area.

This mind map is designed simply to get you thinking about the practical details of your ideal email coaching business setup – you don’t need to have all the answers yet, this is purely an exploratory phase.

While I hope this mind map will be a valuable resource for you in the weeks ahead, and also one that you will revisit again in the future, remember this guide is just a starting point.

And what I’d really love for you to do is to make it your own – to customise it so that it aligns more perfectly with you and your preferences and priorities as they are right now.

And to help you do that, here is today’s exercise…


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Discover in one week what took me a decade to learn…

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In 2014, I set up a simple email coaching service to help other creatives, writers and artists.

After a lot of trial and error, I found a way to work that suits my strengths, my lifestyle and my Ideal Clients.

Working exclusively via email, I launched a Creativity Coaching business that was a joy to run and a powerful support service for my clients.

Over the last few years, I’ve been learning and experimenting with the best ways to set up and run – and enjoy – a simple, powerful and effective email coaching business.

The tools and technologies available today make it ever easier to begin this wonderful work, and if you feel called to offer this service, I would love to share all I’ve learned with you.

(And save you the months of learning, the confusion and the dead-ends that I went through.)

You can find out more about my new 5-Day Online Course here:

How To Offer Email Coaching – A Beginner’s Guide


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“Huge thank you for designing this course and for such great prompts and questions.

For me it’s gone bigger than just email coaching. 🙂

It has allowed me to feel free and unconstrained in my thinking and boosted my confidence.”

Kate, Beautiful Bountiful Yoga


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